Jacob Haqq-Misra lives in Clayton, Delaware with his wife Gina and their cats. He holds a Ph.D. in meteorology and astrobiology from Penn State University, and he completed a postdoctoral fellowship with the Rock Ethics Institute. He has written dozens of scientific journal articles on topics that include planetary habitability, extraterrestrial life, and environmental ethics. He works as a research scientist with the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. He also serves as a contributing editor at EARTH magazine and on the advisory council to METI International.

Jacob participates in numerous public outreach events that include hands-on demonstrations for elementary schools, philosophical discussions with college students, and science workshops for educators, and he is also periodically interviewed on science radio and television programs. He is the author of Planetary Messenger, a philosophical novel that explores the social, scientific, and spiritual consequences of discovering another planet like Earth. This book has found a diversity of audiences ranging from churches to music festivals and has been a successful way of engaging the public in thinking about science in their own lives. He recently published Noah’s Raven, a future-set novel about extraterrestrial contact and faith. He also serves on the board of directors for Blue Marble Space, a non-profit scientific corporation dedicated to promoting and enabling international unity in space exploration.

Jacob enjoys performing music as a jazz drummer, conguero, and vibraphonist. His musical experience is diverse and includes jazz combos, wind ensembles, pit orchestra, jam bands, cover bands, and bluegrass. He is a member of the psychedelic rock band Mysterytrain and plays regular shows around the Northeastern region.

Email: jacob@haqqmisra.net
Website: haqqmisra.net

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