Jacob Haqq Misra is a senior research investigator at Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. His areas of focus include planetary habitability, extraterrestrial life, environmental ethics, and space settlement. He completed his Ph.D. in meteorology and astrobiology (2010) and his M.S. in meteorology (2007) from Penn State University. He also holds B.S. degrees in astrophysics and computer science from the University of Minnesota (2005). He works from his home office in Delaware.

Jacob is a member of the American Geophysical Union and the International Astronomical Union. He serves on the METI International advisory council and the IAA SETI Permanent Committee. He also participates in community engagement events and is periodically interviewed for science news, radio, and television.

Jacob enjoys playing music as a drummer and vibraphonist. He is a member of the psychedelic rock band Mysterytrain and performs around the Northeastern region.

Email: jacob@haqqmisra.net

My legal name is Jacob Haqq Misra. I dropped the hyphen in my last name in 2020, but I continue publishing my research as Haqq-Misra for consistency. Either name is fine for use in the media or daily life. If you must use an honorific, I prefer Dr. Misra. But you can always just call me Jacob.