I am an astrobiologist who is interested in understanding the origin, distribution, and future of life. My research includes the study of planetary habitability, extraterrestrial, life, environmental ethics, and space settlement.

My book Sovereign Mars is now available

"As we enter the New Space Age, one of many far-reaching questions is whether Mars should become a sovereign and autonomous planetary state or follow some other governance model. The mind reels at the political and scientific implications applied on a planetary scale, but in this timely and original volume Jacob Haqq-Misra addresses the issues of Martian governance solidly, passionately, and readably. This book constitutes a significant contribution to the rather sparse literature on the societal implications of space exploration."

—Steven J. Dick, former NASA Chief Historian

My course ETH 101: Ethics in Science and Society is now open for enrollment

This self-paced online course will give you an in-depth survey of ethics and how major ethical frameworks are used in scientific research and science-related decision making.