March/April Shows

A bit late on the update this time, but we’ve got one more show this month at the Rathskeller in State College. Nice to play in our own neighborhood–drop by for a set if you’re in town.

Mar 30 – Mysterytrain @ Bullfrog Brewery (Williamsport, PA)

Apr 19 – Mysterytrain @ Shaw’s Bar (Altoona, PA)

Apr 21 – Mysterytrain @ Penn State Altoona Earth Day (Altoona, PA)

Apr 27 – Mysterytrain @ Rathskeller (State College, PA)

Also looking forward to next month when we open for the Micky Hart Band at the Kempton Music Center!

March/April Shows

The long winter is nearly over, and we’re ready for the season with a full set of new songs.

Mar 10 – Mysterytrain @ Blair County Respiratory Society Annual NAC Fundraiser (Bellwood, PA)

Mar 17 – Mysterytrain @ Shamrock Shakedown (Altoona, PA)

Mar 30 – Mysterytrain @ Pelligrine’s (Altoona, PA)

Apr 13 & 14 – Mysterytrain @ Willie’s Midnight Crazy Train (Kempton, PA)

Apr 22 – Mysterytrain @ Penn State Altoona Earth Day (Altoona, PA)

Apr 27 – Mysterytrain @ Pelligrine’s (Altoona, PA)

Apr 28 – Mysterytrain @ Kimball’s (Williamsport, PA)

I’m looking forward to the first campout of the year in April, and it’ll be nice to finally get to play in Willilamsport, too!

April Shows

We’re back on track this month, with another jaunt to Jersey and a bunch of shows around the region.

Apr 2 – Mysterytrain @ The Pub II (Danville, PA)

Apr 7 – Mysterytrain @ The Saint (Ashbury Park, NJ)

Apr 8 – Mysterytrain @ The Fountainhouse (Newton, NJ)

Apr 10 – Mysterytrain @ The Stanhope House (Stanhope, NJ)

Apr 15 – Mysterytrain @ 30 Something (Altoona, PA)

Apr 16 – Mysterytrain @ Jordan’s Bar (Ridgway, PA)

Apr 22 – Mysterytrain @ Penn State Eco-Action Earth Day (State College, PA)

Apr 29 – Mysterytrain @ Party on the Stone 4 (Rochester Mills, PA)

Party on the Stone should be a good time, too. Festival season is just around the corner!

PhD Defense!

It is a pleasure to announce that I will be completing my Ph.D. degree this Fall, culminating with a public oral presentation of my research (friends welcome!):

A Dynamical Hierarchy for the General Circulation

We use a three-dimensional computer climate model to find that large-scale weather systems are responsible for key features of atmospheric structure and circulation.

Jacob Haqq-Misra
Ph.D. Dissertation Defense
The Pennsylvania State University
October 11, 2010

Thanks to all of you who helped me make it this far. Graduate school has been an amazing journey for me, and I am grateful for the love and support of all my family and friends.