March/April Shows

New songs and new guests for Mysterytrain’s shows this Spring! We’re looking forward to seeing all our friends in Altoona at Shaw’s soon.

Mar 29 – Mysterytrain @ Grateful Acres Productions Launch Party (Twin Grove Park, PA)

Apr 5 – Mysterytrain @ Shaw’s Bar (Altoona, PA)

Apr 11 & 12 – Mysterytrain @ Willie’s Midnight Crazy Train Campout (Kempton, PA)

Apr 19 – Mysterytrain @ Daddy McFatty’s (Northumberland, PA)

Booking time for festival season is here, too, and our Summer schedule is slowly filling up. And keep a look out for details about our annual Cosmic Jam at Sunsational Campground the weekend of June 21st!

December Shows

Thanks to everyone who helped make my Kickstarter campaign a fantastic success! I now have enough of a budget to design a cover, pay for editing, cover initial printing, and maybe even release an audio-book! I am busily completing the draft and look forward to releasing the novel this Spring.

Dec 6 – Mysterytrain Acoustic Duo @ Brewer’s Cask (Baltimore, MD)

Dec 31 – Mysterytrain @ Flagship’s New Year’s Eve (Kempton, PA)

Gina and I will be playing tonight as a duo–too small a stage for the full band, but we’re glad to start making inroads to Baltimore. And be sure to join us for New Year’s Eve in Kempton!

September/October Shows

It’s been a full month and a long summer, but the cold is finally coming in and our last outdoor shows are looming. Thanks so much to everyone who showed their support for Mysterytrain over these past few months, it’s meant a lot to us to see familiar faces at all these events!

Sep 6 – Mysterytrain @ Music on the Mountain (State College, PA)

Sep 13 & 14 – Mysterytrain @ Pinnacle Jam III (Kempton, PA)

Sep 20 & 21 – Mysterytrain @ 5th Anniversary Weekend (Millmont, PA)

Sep 26 – Mysterytrain @ Meeting of the Minds VI (Meshoppen, PA)

Oct 26 – Mysterytrain @ Zombie Apocalype & Alien Invasion (Bellefontaine, OH)

A bit of a break this Winter, but look for some upcoming shows as well as some new merchandise and recordings on the way.

July/August Shows

Late on the update this time, and lots going on! We moved to Newark, Delaware in the middle of July, and it’s taken a good few weeks to get settled into the new place. Definitely enjoying the apartment and the new area–it’s a nice move away from State College, with easy access to DC, NYC, and Baltimore.

July 4 – Mysterytrain @ 4th Fest (State College, PA)

July 6 – Mysterytrain @ Still Meadows Review (Jermyn, PA)

July 12 – Mysterytrain @ Summer Jam (Kempton, PA)

July 19 & 20 – Mysterytrain @ Looney Moon (Millmont, PA)

July 26 & 27 – Mysterytrain @ Jammin’ for the Animals (Kempton, PA)

Aug 1 to 4 – Mysterytrain @ Steal Your Fest (Shartlesville, PA)

Aug 9 – Mysterytrain @ Brew Skies (Canaan Valley, WV)

Aug 10 – Mysterytrain @ Will’s Mountain Fest (Bedford, PA)

Aug 16 – Mysterytrain @ Jack’s Mountain Blues Festival (Laurelton, PA)

Aug 23 – Mysterytrain @ Sundance Sanctuary (Morrisville, PA)

Aug 28 – Mysterytrain @ Grange Fair (Morrisville, PA)

Aug 29 – Mysterytrain @ Two Rivers Music & Arts Festival (Terra Alta, WV)

Aug 31 – Mysterytrain @ Peace of Mind 3 (Elizabethville, PA)

Mysterytrain is also sadly sans our lead guitarist–Dan will be away for a bit, and we’re doing our best to fill his shoes while he’s gone. In the meantime, we plan to keep writing new songs