May/June Shows

Summer is here, and the band is whole again! Looking forward to a full weekend of music and practice as we get the show back in shape.

May 8 to 10 – Mysterytrain @ The Spring Soundcheck (Millmont, PA)

Jun 12 – Mysterytrain @ Jam Along the Creek V (Millmont, PA)

Jun 18 to 21 – Mysterytrain @ Cosmic Jam 7 (Millmont, PA)

Cosmic Jam is shaping up to be a good time again this year, and it’s hard to believe that we’re already on number seven.

May/June Shows

We’ve got a fun lineup over the next couple of months, with a bit of wedding festivities in between…

May 5 – Mysterytrain @ Pellegrine’s (Altoona, PA)

May 25 – Mysterytrain @ Pellegrine’s (Altoona, PA)

May 26 – Mysterytrain @ Shaw’s (Altoona, PA)

Jun 1 – Mysterytrain @ Pellegrine’s (Altoona, PA)

Jun 9 – Mysterytrain @ Jam Along the Creek (Millmont, PA)

Jun 29 – Mysterytrain @ Liberty Fest (Roaring Branch, PA)

Jun 30 – Mysterytrain @ On the Rise Festival (Reading, PA)

Festival season is almost here, time to dust off your tent and shake out your sleeping bag!