No GCC This Year

Last year I presented a poster on early Earth climate at the Graduate Climate Conference in Seattle. This year my abstract titled “Gaia Through Time: The Coevolution of Life and Climate” was accepted for the poster session. Although I’d like to reconnect with the folks I met last year, I can’t justify the time (or money) for a weekend in Seattle to present a poster. So no GCC for me this year.

On the flipside, I’m now available for Exploration Day on April 18 at the Bryce Jordan Center. I’ll have my “Walk Through Earth’s History” timeline to take kids (and adults) on a 13.7 meter journey through the 13.7 billion years of our planet’s story.

This also means I’m free to play with Mysterytrain that weekend at the Penn State Eco-Action Earth Day celebration on the HUB Lawn. Not sure what time we’re playing yet, but we’re looking forward to playing for the Eco-Action crowd!