September/October Shows

A little late on the update this month, we already had a blast playing Music on the Mountain and are looking forward to a Fall full of music.

Sep 6 – Mysterytrain @ Tussey Music on the Mountain (State College, PA)

Sep 8 – Mysterytrain @ Shaw’s Bar (Altoona, PA)

Sep 13 – Mysterytrain @ Kimball’s Pub (Williamsport, PA)

Sep 15 – Mysterytrain @ Pinnacle Jam II (Kempton, PA)

Sep 21 to 23 – Mysterytrain @ Anniversary Weekend (Millmont, PA)

Sep 28 – Mysterytrain @ Sunflower Farm Harvest Festival (Rebersburg, PA)

Oct 5 to 7 – Mysterytrain @ Trail’s End Festival (Millmont, PA)

Oct 19 – Myseterytrain @ Halloween Masquerade Ball (Terra Alta, WV)

Oct 20 – Mysterytrain @ Shaw’s Bar (Altoona, PA)

We’re not ready to move the party inside just yet! Time to break out the warm clothes and huddle around the campfire…

October Shows

A bit of a breather this month as the cold starts rolling in, giving us some needed time for practice. Despite the weather, you won’t want to miss Chuck’s Farm this weekend, with Mysterytrain featured as the Saturday night band.

Oct 1 – Dirty Superb @ Jamaica Junction (State College, PA)

Oct 3 – Mysterytrain @ Sunflower Farm Music Festival (Rebersburg, PA)

Oct 14 – Dirty Superb @ Cafe 210 (State College, PA)

Oct 23 – Dirty Superb @ Jamaica Junction (State College, PA)

Oct 31 – Mysterytrain @ Halloween Bash (Tipton, PA)

I’ve got my costume idea all set for Halloween at the PPG pavilion. I figure with the Mysterytrain crowd we’re bound to get some pretty outrageous costumes!