AbSciCon Session: Life in the Anthropocene

This year at AbSciCon I will be convening a poster session titled “Life in the Anthropocene: The Future of Earth’s Biosphere.” Understanding the future of civilization is one of the goals of astrobiology research, and I welcome a broad range of interdisciplinary perspectives to generate lively discussion at this session.

Life in the Anthropocene: The Future of Earth’s Biosphere

Organizer: Jacob Haqq-Misra (Blue Marble Space Institute of Science)

Summary: The distant future of Earth’s biosphere will be shaped by the balance among factors such as orbital variations in solar insolation, cycles in glacial coverage, the carbonate-silicate cycle, and the resonating effects of anthropogenic climate change. Even longer geologic timescales will force the climate to adapt to a steadily brightening sun by drawing down atmospheric carbon dioxide until habitable conditions no longer remain. This poster session invites contributions that consider potential threats or challenges to the future of civilization, life, and climate from factors that will affect the Earth system over the next 100,000 to million years or longer.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the suitability of your abstract for this session, and please share this session information with any of your interested colleagues.