Mysterytrain Summer Schedule

We have a full festival schedule ahead of us. Really looking forward to Pinnacle Jam this year, where we have the amazing opportunity to open for Dark Star Orchestra!

April 8 – Willie’s Midnight Crazy Train Campout IV (Lehighton, PA)

May 14 – Celebration of Life 3 (Lehighton, PA)

May 20 – Strawberry Jam (Laurens, NY)

June 4 – Gypsy Wind Festival (Northumberland, PA)

June 17 – Stonehenge Music Festival (Jermyn, PA)

July 2 – Liberty Fest 6 (Roaring Branch, PA)

July 4 – Central PA 4th Fest (State College, PA)

July 29 – Grateful Get Down (Hamburg, PA)

July 30 – Pinnacle Jam (Bethel, PA)

August 7 – A Bear’s Picnic (Milmont, PA)

August 27 – Route 22 Fest 4 (Huntingdom, PA)

September 4 – Peace of Mind 6 (Halifax, PA)

September 10 – Still Grateful Fest 5 (Jermyn, PA)

September 17 – Hippie’s 6th Annual Fest (White Haven, PA)

If you’re in the State College area, we’ll be playing right before the fireworks begin on the 4th, so come join us to celebrate our independence. We’re also looking forward to more regional travel this year into New York state and West Virginia. See you around this summer!

July/August Shows

We had a fantastic time at 4th Fest this year, thanks to all of our friends who made the trip up from Altoona and elsewhere! It was great to watch the fireworks with familiar faces.

Jul 4 – Mysterytrain @ Central PA 4th Fest (State College, PA)

Jul 12 – Mysterytrain @ Still Meadows Revue II (Jermyn, PA)

Jul 25 – Mysterytrain @ Argilla Brewing Company (Newark, DE)

Aug 22 – Mysterytrain @ Homegrown Cafe (Newark, DE)

Aug 23 – Mysterytrain @ The Austin Dam Show (Austin, PA)

Aug 31 – Mysterytrain @ Peace of Mind 4 (Elizabethville, PA)

We’re also planning on attending Pinnacle Jam at the Kempton Music Center on August 9th to catch the Dark Star Orchestra. It will be nice to have at least one weekend this summer to break out our full camping gear and relax outside with Camp Mysterytrain.

July/August Shows

Late on the update this time, and lots going on! We moved to Newark, Delaware in the middle of July, and it’s taken a good few weeks to get settled into the new place. Definitely enjoying the apartment and the new area–it’s a nice move away from State College, with easy access to DC, NYC, and Baltimore.

July 4 – Mysterytrain @ 4th Fest (State College, PA)

July 6 – Mysterytrain @ Still Meadows Review (Jermyn, PA)

July 12 – Mysterytrain @ Summer Jam (Kempton, PA)

July 19 & 20 – Mysterytrain @ Looney Moon (Millmont, PA)

July 26 & 27 – Mysterytrain @ Jammin’ for the Animals (Kempton, PA)

Aug 1 to 4 – Mysterytrain @ Steal Your Fest (Shartlesville, PA)

Aug 9 – Mysterytrain @ Brew Skies (Canaan Valley, WV)

Aug 10 – Mysterytrain @ Will’s Mountain Fest (Bedford, PA)

Aug 16 – Mysterytrain @ Jack’s Mountain Blues Festival (Laurelton, PA)

Aug 23 – Mysterytrain @ Sundance Sanctuary (Morrisville, PA)

Aug 28 – Mysterytrain @ Grange Fair (Morrisville, PA)

Aug 29 – Mysterytrain @ Two Rivers Music & Arts Festival (Terra Alta, WV)

Aug 31 – Mysterytrain @ Peace of Mind 3 (Elizabethville, PA)

Mysterytrain is also sadly sans our lead guitarist–Dan will be away for a bit, and we’re doing our best to fill his shoes while he’s gone. In the meantime, we plan to keep writing new songs

July Shows

Lots of Mysterytrain festivals this month, so there’s plenty of chances to catch some sun, fresh air, and live music.

Jul 4 – Mysterytrain @ 4th Fest (State College, PA)

Jul 8 & 9 – Mysterytrain @ Jester Fest (Tipton, PA)

Jul 14 to 16 – Mysterytrain @ Looney Moon Jam (Artemus, PA)

Jul 22 & 23 – Mysterytrain @ Sunny Daze (Millmont, PA)

We’re excited to be a part of the Central PA 4th Fest this year, too, which features a pretty spectacular fireworks display!